Royer House at Sullivan Trail

Type: Home
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 4
Sleeps: 14


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5 bed · 3 bath · Sleeps 12-14

This 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom home is centrally located in the heart of the Poconos. Newly updated bathrooms and cozy, modern bedrooms make the perfect Pocono experience. As a renter of the home, you also have free access to a community pool, baseball diamond, basketball court and tennis court. What could be better?

Our home is located in the Camelback Region. Nearby attractions include but are not limited to Camelback Resort, Aquatopia, Kalahari, Shawnee Mountain, the Crossings Outlet Mall and much more! Each of these attractions are within 10 minutes from our Pocono home.

Guest access
Guests will have access to everything that is advertised. Upon request, two complimentary queen size air mattresses (including linens and pillows) can be provided for a one-time $150 fee per mattress.
Guest interaction
Our customer service office is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 9 pm. Maintenance is available 24/7.
Neighborhood overview
Beautifully secluded creek front home with water on all sides. Gives you the feeling that you are on an island with water all around. Enjoy!
Getting around
There are cabs and other forms of transportation. However, we suggest using your own vehicle.
Other things to note
Please remember, Grand Leisure Travel loves pets. And if the homeowner allows pet's you can bring them with you. We have no problem with that as long as you tell us what kind of pet, how many and pay our $100 pet fee. This fee will be assessed after your instant booking is placed. Thank you for your understanding.

Reservation Requirements:
Age 25+ to Reserve
Guests will have to sign a Lease from Grand Leisure Travel. This protects both the home and the guests. It's not a small apartment it is a vacation home and requires a lease.
Guests will receive a Welcome Letter to sign from Grand Leisure Travel. Guests will have to send us 5 names, ages, phone numbers and drivers licenses of everyone driving so we can register you with the gated community if there is any.
Guests will receive  information regarding contacting us in the paperwork we send, so attention to that is vital.
Failure to follow any of these terms will render the funds refundable only according to the Airbnb policy. No other arrangements will be made.
"If the guest who books instantly and Grand Leisure Travel cannot get in touch during the business hours in which Grand Leisure Travel is open, 9am - 5pm. Grand Leisure Travel will will not be liable for any cancellation fees, and our cancellation policy will apply regardless of the reason why the guest could not get in touch with Grand Leisure Travel."

Grand Leisure Travel is an exclusive lifestyle vacation home rental company. Grand Leisure Travel homes are designed by renowned local artisans, features luxury residences in a wide variety of styles, along with handy amenities like pools, hot tubs, game rooms and many other outdoor amenities including beaches, lakes and creeks.

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We cannot call you and you cannot call us. They have masked your phone number and your email.

If you want to speak to us directly, please look us: Grand Leisure Travel.
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Balcony Yes BBQ Grill Yes
Beach Access Yes Bed Size 1st/Master Queen
Bed Size 2nd Rm Queen Bed Size 3rd Rm Queen
Bed Size 4th Rm Queen Bed Size 5th Rm Queen
Beds Pull-out Yes Ceiling Fans Yes
Den/Study No Fireplace, Wood/Gas Yes
Floor No. 3 Internet Access Yes
Micro/Dishwash/Disp. Yes Parking Yes
Parking Space No. 6 Refrig And Ice Maker Yes
Square Footage, Est. 2800 Stereo s/CD YES
Stove/Oven Elec/Gas Yes TV Cable/Satellite Yes
TVs/VCR/DVD Yes View Yes
Washer/Dryer Yes Amenity - Air Condit YES
Amenity - Private En YES
Balcony Yes
BBQ Grill Yes
Beach Access Yes
Bed Size 1st/Master Queen
Bed Size 2nd Rm Queen
Bed Size 3rd Rm Queen
Bed Size 4th Rm Queen
Bed Size 5th Rm Queen
Beds Pull-out Yes
Ceiling Fans Yes
Den/Study No
Fireplace, Wood/Gas Yes
Floor No. 3
Internet Access Yes
Micro/Dishwash/Disp. Yes
Parking Yes
Parking Space No. 6
Refrig And Ice Maker Yes
Square Footage, Est. 2800
Stereo s/CD YES
Stove/Oven Elec/Gas Yes
TV Cable/Satellite Yes
View Yes
Washer/Dryer Yes
Amenity - Air Condit YES
Amenity - Private En YES


Start Date End Date Nightly Rate Min Stay
03/18/18 03/22/18 $399 1
03/23/18 03/24/18 $499 2
03/25/18 03/29/18 $399 1
03/30/18 03/31/18 $499 2
04/01/18 04/05/18 $399 1
04/06/18 04/07/18 $499 2
04/08/18 04/12/18 $399 1
04/13/18 04/14/18 $499 2
04/15/18 04/19/18 $399 1
04/20/18 04/21/18 $499 2
04/22/18 04/26/18 $399 1
04/27/18 04/28/18 $499 2
04/29/18 05/03/18 $399 1
05/04/18 05/05/18 $499 2
05/06/18 05/10/18 $399 1
05/11/18 05/12/18 $499 2
05/13/18 05/17/18 $399 1
05/18/18 05/19/18 $499 2
05/20/18 05/24/18 $399 1
05/25/18 05/28/18 $350 2
05/29/18 05/31/18 $300 1
06/01/18 06/02/18 $399 2
06/03/18 06/07/18 $399 1
06/08/18 06/09/18 $399 2
06/10/18 06/14/18 $399 1
06/15/18 06/16/18 $399 2
06/17/18 06/21/18 $399 1
06/22/18 06/23/18 $399 2
06/24/18 06/28/18 $399 1
06/29/18 06/30/18 $399 2
07/01/18 07/03/18 $399 2
07/04/18 07/05/18 $499 2
07/06/18 07/07/18 $499 2
07/08/18 07/12/18 $399 1
07/13/18 07/14/18 $499 2
07/15/18 07/19/18 $399 1
07/20/18 07/21/18 $499 2
07/22/18 07/26/18 $399 1
07/27/18 07/28/18 $499 2
07/29/18 08/02/18 $399 1
08/03/18 08/04/18 $499 2
08/05/18 08/09/18 $399 1
08/10/18 08/11/18 $499 2
08/12/18 08/16/18 $399 1
08/17/18 08/18/18 $499 2
08/19/18 08/23/18 $399 1
08/24/18 08/25/18 $499 2
08/26/18 08/30/18 $399 1
08/31/18 09/02/18 $499 2
09/03/18 09/06/18 $399 1
09/07/18 09/08/18 $225 2
09/09/18 09/13/18 $399 1
09/14/18 09/15/18 $199 2
09/16/18 09/20/18 $399 1
09/21/18 09/22/18 $249 2
09/23/18 09/27/18 $399 1
09/28/18 09/29/18 $299 2
09/30/18 10/04/18 $399 1
10/05/18 10/08/18 $299 2
10/09/18 10/11/18 $329 2
10/12/18 10/13/18 $399 2
10/14/18 10/18/18 $399 1
10/19/18 10/20/18 $399 2
10/21/18 10/25/18 $399 1
10/26/18 10/27/18 $399 2
10/28/18 11/01/18 $399 1
11/02/18 11/03/18 $399 2
11/04/18 11/08/18 $399 1
11/09/18 11/12/18 $299 2
11/13/18 11/15/18 $299 1
11/16/18 11/17/18 $199 2
11/18/18 11/21/18 $299 1
11/22/18 11/25/18 $299 2
11/26/18 11/29/18 $299 2
11/30/18 12/01/18 $199 2
12/02/18 12/06/18 $399 1
12/07/18 12/08/18 $299 2
12/09/18 12/13/18 $399 1
12/14/18 12/15/18 $299 2
12/16/18 12/20/18 $399 1
12/21/18 12/24/18 $399 2
12/25/18 12/26/18 $350 2
12/27/18 12/27/18 $399 1
12/28/18 12/31/18 $350 2


Megan Cain What a great home! We had a great stay in the Poconos at La Maison De Reunion. The house was well-kept, spacious, clean, well-equipped, and overall very nice. The area was great as well -- very close to Lake Naomi, which made for a great place to hike along the trails. The owner is very helpful and accommodating. She provided suggestions for activities prior to our arrival, and she was available via phone if there was anything we needed. I would highly recommend this home. It was a wonderful place to stay! Joshua Hamburger The lodge was great as advertised and all of our 16 guests thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Skye and the rest of the team were extremely helpful and accommodating. Lots of room for activities and the property itself is beautiful. I would definitely recommend to anyone staying in the Poconos. Dan Nuzie Great host very accommodating Anthony DiGregorio We went here for a weekend ski trip with a bunch of friends. The Pros: Sheets, towels & essentials were provided. Water pressure was good & good space for parking. Also the community was very nice. Cons: Home was listed as accommodating up to 16+ people. I honestly can not see how anymore than 12 people could fit comfortably. Overall the house seemed to be somewhat of a party house (a little run down) and was not in the best of shape. Many items were broken/damaged. But being a group of guys, we were able to get past most of that. As crazy as it may sound, one of our top requirements was for the house to have a decent pool table (we all love playing pool). This particular table had 3 tears in the felt and was literally wobbly and ready to fall over (very dangerous). Also there was only about 2ft around 2 sides of the table making it unplayable. Another minor issue was the heat could not be properly adjusted on the lower level (seemed like the thermostat was broken) so it was either super cold or super hot. We just cracked open some windows and it was able to keep it semi-comfortable. Being that we had 14 people, we were forced to use the awkward leather sofas as beds. One of the leather sofas had a broken leg that we had to stick a suitcase under to stop it from rocking. The last two things to note (these are not issues with the house/owner but its good to know if you will be staying here) is that, 1) this is a gated community with very tight security. There was a 5 car limit, so the other guests who decided to come late and were not part of our "5 car group" had to park miles away (there is no public parking on the grounds) and get picked up from one of us. So if you stay here make sure your party is aware and try to keep it to 5 cars. And 2) every mountain house that i have stayed in has a "game room" or area for entertaining. This home only has the kitchen & Living Room for that. The lower level is probably about 10x15ish & the pool table sits in the middle so there is no room at all to hang out or entertain. There is also a bedroom on this level but obviously that doesn't help for having a place to hang out if people are trying to sleep upstairs. Catherine Burk This place is great for a fun ski weekend with friends. The decor was simple and fun, so you didn't feel like you were in a bare house. They had just installed a new hot tub which works great. GLT (host) was friendly, and were very responsive all the way up to the trip. There are a lot of different levels in the house so it feels like everyone has their own space....although everyone still hung out in the kitchen (fully equipped). The heat at the pool table level would go in-and-out, but the rest of the house was fine. Definitely want to come back here in the summer time once the pool opens up. Connie Chang I definitely had my reservations with the house and the management company as the rental required additional steps beyond the normal Airbnb requirements - however after dealing with the additional lease, everything was beyond my expectations! GLT was super responsive and great with following-up + answering all questions that I had. The house was well maintained, with lots of room to fit 20 of us comfortably – and with extra sofa room to boot! Location was convenient, just under 2 hours from the city, with a convenient 24 hour Walmart nearby, and plenty of activities nearby (our group slit into skiing/boarding and hiking). All in all, a very positive experience, and would consider the house for a summer visit! Scott Lewis I will try to describe the listing and all of the questions that I had for it going into the weekend. The weekend was awesome!, but the description definitely leaves more to be desired when paying this much for a booking. - The house is huge, easily fits 20 people, however I think there are beds for 16 people. - The pool is unheated, so probably not going in during the winter. - Location is 10-15 minutes from Shawnee, 35-40 from Camelback - The backyard is beautiful, hot tub and firepit, along with the view are amazing. - I don't believe there is cable, so netflix or bring a computer if you want to watch tv - The kitchen is great! Huge with plenty of counterspace. Fully stocked. - The living room is also amazing with the fireplace. You will definitely want to bring or buy your own wood, because they only provide 10-12 pieces. We found a guy up the road who sold us a trunk full of wood for $20. - There is a big grill with a new propane tank, however we only found a spatula and no clamps. - There is a commercial dumpster out front for the trash, however I didn't see anything for recycling - The location is about 7-8 minutes from a Wawa and shopping area. You feel very secluded, but are also semi close to civilization. - There is no gated community you have to go through - Parking for 7 cars or so, however there is a parking lot about 100 feet across a bridge that at least 10 more cars can park at. - GLT has good communication, however we did not need much in terms of communication - There is one neighbor that shares the same driveway right next door. We saw him a couple times, but didn't talk to him and had no problems. - The sink water was getting browner the longer we stayed, so keep an eye out for that. We did not drink it or use it at all. - The upstairs bathrooms and bedrooms were all great. I believe that is it. I hope I helped future potential renters, and have a great time if you choose to stay! I definitely plan on coming back next year! Luis Mieles Great property!!! Recently remodeled and plenty of space for 20 pp. Listing photos are up to date and the local host, Jaime, was of great help and assistance with anything we needed. The staff at GLT were also very helpful in making our weekend a success. The property is located within 10-15 mins of Camelback which was ideal. We would definitely be booking this property again! Aaron Wyche First and foremost, I would like to thank Jamie and everyone else at Grand Leisure Travel for making our trip & experience the BEST we could have



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