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Please review the following terms and conditions relating to this reservation.

1.            Confirmation of Reservations – Confirmation of the reservation will be provided by Grand Leisure Travel to the Guest upon receipt of 100% full payment or the reservation and security deposit, a signed lease and a valid copy of the Guests’ ID via email. A full payment constitutes a full payment of the total booking amount due including all taxes and fees and security deposit. If the Guest reserves the rental with a partial/down payment, then the reservation is not confirmed until total booking amount is received. The Guest has until forty (40) days prior to the check-in date to pay and confirm the reservation as defined by the terms above. If full payment is not received, then the reservation is considered cancelled and no refunds will apply. The Guest may contact Grand Leisure Travel during normal business hours to make any outstanding payment using acceptable uses of payments as explained in Section Two (2) above.

2.            Check-In/Check-Out Times – CHECK-IN is From 3:00 PM, and CHECK-OUT is 11:00AM   

3.            Pets – Pets are allowed in or on the premises only, if Grand Leisure Travel has expressly authorized such use. Unauthorized occupancy of pets will result, in additional charges, possible eviction and loss of a part of rents and security payments. (Please Initial One of the Following)

4.            Reservation Guarantee- The Guests reservations are guaranteed, when a signed Rental Lease Agreement and payment of 100% of the total booking amount and all other fees associated and agreed upon, including but not limited to reservation and security, is paid by the dates specified  by Grand Leisure Travel

5.            Age Requirements – The Guests who are the signatories to this Agreement must be a minimum age of 25. There are homes that are designated 30 years of age and over. For these homes, the Guest will be made aware of verbally and in writing. The age requirement must be validated by a valid (not expired) State Driver’s License, State Identification (Within the 48 Continental United States, Hawaii and Puerto Rico), US Passport or International Passports. Any identification will be reviewed for approval. Failure to submit valid identification within 24 hours of paying for reservation will result in booking cancellation and no refunds will apply.

6.            Exception to Age Requirements - Grand Leisure Travel may amend the age requirement to 21 and over which shall be included as a special request in an email and form part of this Agreement. Guests between the ages of 21-24 wishing to book must have a parent or person over the age of 25 assume responsibility for the booking and the terms of this Agreement shall be binding on that person, and that person shall remain responsible and liable to Grand Leisure Travel for the Property and actions of all persons at the Property visiting or staying or otherwise jointly with the Guests regardless of whether they are present at the Property, or not, at any time during the rental dates.

7.            Exception to Age Requirement – Grand Leisure Travel may accept persons between the ages of 18-21 provided that all names of persons who will occupy the Property for the specified dates are provided to Grand Leisure Travel. For payment and lease signatory, please refer to number 6 in lease Agreement. The Guests will have all the responsibilities to Grand Leisure Travel as stipulated in this lease along with all the other occupants and visitors, and in the event of unresolved disputes, Grand Leisure Travel will join the parents and guardians of the Guest to the lease.

8.            Drunk and Disorderly Behavior – Grand Leisure Travel is not responsible for the Guest and their visitors drunk and disorderly behavior and/or Guest under the age of 21 consuming any and all alcoholic beverage. At all times the Guests, or in the case of a person of age 25 or over, assuming responsibility for the Guest by signing this Agreement, but not being present at the Property, is responsible for all and every action of other Guest and visitors in and around the Property to include adjoining buildings and lands.

9.            False Reservations - Any reservations made under any false pretenses or illegal means will result in cancellation of reservation, no refunds and immediate removal of Guest from the Property.

10.          House Parties - House Parties are NOT ALLOWED by Grand Leisure Travel. House parties of a loud and destructive nature that may cause a nuisance to neighbors or are in violation of gated community rules for properties in a community are not permitted. Any fines assessed by the community will be deducted from the security deposit or charged as excess of security deposit.

11.          Pledging or other college activities – Pledging and/or any other college gather activities are expressly forbidden from taking place in any of our homes. Please be advised that such conduct is disruptive, dangerous and if Grand Leisure Travel discovers that this is taking place, we will order local law enforcement to our location and once everyone is evicted and arrested, we WILL press charges.

12.          Maximum Occupancy – At all times, the maximum occupancy is the number the home sleeps as advertised and includes infants. Occupancy limits are in accordance with rules of the State Fire Marshall’s Office. Sleeping limits are shown on the website as “sleeps #”. Gated community properties closely monitor the number of occupants and visitors entering the community. If the Guest brings any extra occupants or visitors which cause safety issues, damage to the Property or nuisance to the community, Guest & ALL occupants/visitors may be asked to vacate the Property and security payments and all rent may be forfeited.

13.          Single Family Dwelling Use - At all times, this property will only be rented to single families. The Guest may bring relatives at any time during the rental term.

14.          Furnishings –Furnishings are subject to change without notice. Furniture, bedding, mattress pads, utensils, décor, or any other items supplied with the rental Property must not be removed. Loss of these items, as well as damage to the Property or furnishings in excess of normal wear and tear, will be charged to the Guest.

15.          Items Guest Must Provide – Any personal articles, food & drink, foil, coffee filters, paper towels, trash bags, toiletries, favorite pillow, charcoal for charcoal grills, videos, books  etc…

16.          Linens and House Keeping– A basic supply of linens are provided in the Property. Bed linens and bath towels are not changed during your stay.  Additional paper towels and similar items, trash bags etc are not provided in the rental Property. It is the responsibility of the Guest to conduct their own house keeping.

17.          Rental Assignment and Change of Property – In the event the Property becomes unavailable, or is sold, Grand Leisure Travel reserves the right to re-assign rental properties and Agreements with short notice to the Guest. In the event of a Rental Re-Assignment, the Guest will have two available remedies: Guest may either receive a full refund, minus applicable credit card surcharges and fees, or choose an alternative available Property from Grand Leisure Travel.

18.          Late Bookings - Bookings made with check in dates that are less than 40 days from check in are deemed to be late bookings.

19.          Advance Bookings - Bookings made with check in dates more than 40 days from check in are deemed to be advanced bookings.

20.          Refunds - Grand Leisure Travel may refund the Guest, or offers an alternative available Property for the same dates or different dates, should at any point, the Property becomes un-usable in part, or on in full due to an unforeseen event caused by neither party. What is unforeseen is based on fact. At any point should the Property become un-usable as a result of actions of the Guests and their visitors, to include pets, objects, accidents, intentional and unintentional negligence, or violation by Guest and their visitor of community rules which causes an ejection from the Property, no moneys will be refunded.

21.          Cancellations – Unless otherwise specified, any reservation cancelled by the Guest at any time after payment is received and confirmed, will have 24 hours from the time of payment to cancel the reservation and receive a refund of the amount paid, except for a one-time credit/debit card surcharge fee of 5% of the total amount, minus the refundable security deposit. If the reservation is cancelled after the 24 hour window, then the cancellation policies in Sections 21 and 22 of this Agreement will apply.

22.          Late Bookings Cancellations - Cancellations made within 40 days of the rental dates are non-refundable unless a replacement Guest is booked for the cancelled dates. (See 27 for reference) If a replacement Guest is booked for the cancelled dates, then a 25% cancellation fee applies of total booking amount (unless it’s qualified for extenuating circumstances as mentioned in item 27) and 75% of the total booking amount is refunded. If no replacement Guests are booked for the cancelled dates, no refunds are applicable. If no refunds are applicable, the Guest has an option to choose alternative dates. If the Guest chooses alternative dates within 40 days of check in, a 25% cancellation fee still applies and if the Guest rebooks for any new dates in the future, it will be subject to different charges for different properties and different seasons.

23.          Advance Booking Cancellations –Cancellations made more than 40 days of the check in date will receive a partial refund of up to 75% of the total booking amount.

24.          Last Minute Cancellations – Last Minute cancellations for the purpose of this lease, is defined as any cancellation, despite being booked in Advance or Late, and that the booking is cancelled by the Guests at the Last Minute. For the purpose of this Agreement, Last Minute means 14 days or less before Christmas, New Years, MLK, Presidents day, Thanksgiving and Memorial Day holidays and 7 days or less for all other holidays and check in dates that are not holidays. No refunds are applicable for last minute cancellations.

25.          Refundable Security Deposits - A Security Deposit is charged for each Property. The amount charged as a Security Deposit varies per Property and may increase or decrease at will by Grand Leisure Travel. The Security Deposit may be waived only by the express permission of Grand Leisure Travel. The waiver of any Security Deposit does not in part or in full release the Guest from liability as a result of damage to the Property.

26.          Security Deposit Refund and Damages/Violations in Excess of Security Deposit– Security Deposits are refunded to the Guest 10 business days after their check out dates, on condition that there are no damages to the Property and surrounding grounds and buildings attached to the Property and/or no violations of community rules caused by the Guests and their visitors. Please allow 2-3 business days after the 10th business day for refunds to clear. In the event that a refund is not made on the 13th business day, this may signify the security deposit inspection may not have yet cleared. Please contact Grand Leisure Travel at 1-718-303-0448 if you have any further questions. In any event, Grand Leisure Travel will send an email to the email on file for the Guest regarding the status of their Security Deposit and if any damage(s) are found, in which case a detailed report called either a “Damage Report” or “Violation Report” will be sent to the Guest about the investigation and possible conclusions. Based on this fact, Grand Leisure Travel may withhold the full Security Deposit or a portion thereof to cover loss and damages. All findings by Grand Leisure Travel are final and are based on facts gathered in the inspection report. The Guest has three (3) business days to dispute the charges. If there are damages or violations/fines in excess of your Security Deposit, Grand Leisure Travel will send an email to the Guest called a “Damage Report” or “Violation Report” detailing the damages and/or violations. The Guest has three (3) business days to dispute.

27.          Plan B Coverage for Extenuating Circumstances & Replacement Booking Confirmed – If a guest has to cancel between 39 and 10 days prior to arrival, they may be deemed qualified to receive a 95% refund if they can prove the reason for the cancellation is extenuating circumstances. If a guest proves this to the satisfaction of Grand Leisure Travel and a replacement guest is found for their dates, the original guest will receive a 95% refund. Guests have the option to not pay for this privilege and option.

28.          Privacy and Security – All Guests who book, stay and even after checking out of this Property will be protected under this privacy policy. The names, dates, number of Guests, address, and location will not be shared with anyone other than the Guest who signs this lease Agreement.

29.          Damage(s) to Property – The Guests and their visitors and pets are jointly responsible for any and all damages caused to the Property and the surrounding grounds and buildings, by negligent, intentional and unintentional actions of the Guests and their visitors and pets.

30.          Equipment Guarantee – Grand Leisure Travel cannot guarantee against mechanical failure of light bulbs, heating, air conditioning, hot tubs, TVs, Satellite Receivers, DVD’s, or any and all other appliances or anything else within the house; however, in the event of any such failure, Grand Leisure Travel will do any and everything possible to remedy all defects in an efficient and effective manner. No refund(s) will be given.

31.          Acts of God – Grand Leisure Travel shall not be liable for events beyond their control, which may interfere with Guest’s occupancy, including but not limited to Acts of God, acts of governmental agencies, fires, strikes, war, or inclement weather. No refund(s) will be given.

32.          Keys – Keys are contained on the Property in a lock box. For security and privacy reasons, the combination to the lock box is provided to the Guests when full payment is made and approximately 1 week before check in dates.  The keys must be returned to the lockbox before leaving.  Guests who do not return the keys or cause the keys to be lost will be fined $1,000, to cover the costs of replacement locks and keys.

33.          Item(s) left behind - Grand Leisure Travel is not responsible for any item(s) left behind at the Property. If the Guest contacts Grand Leisure Travel regarding any item(s) left behind, Grand Leisure Travel will make an effort to locate the item(s); however, Grand Leisure Travel makes no guarantees and will not be held liable for any lost item(s) or damages to personal item(s) or Property. If item(s) are not found, Grand Leisure Travel is not responsible to replace or buy the missing item(s). If item(s) are found, any costs related to mailing the item(s) will be deducted from security deposit. If no funds are available from security deposit, then Guest will pay for all costs related to mailing the item(s) and any administrative fees up front before the item(s) are mailed.

34.          Septic Clause - If this property has a septic tank the following clause applies. The septic tank for this Property is constructed based on maximum occupancy assumptions in the lease and as advertised and no greater. Any Guest(s) with greater capacity than previously approved by Grand Leisure Travel directly violates all local applicable zoning and other ordinances. Any damages resulting from Guest(s) with greater capacity than previously approved by Grand Leisure Travel violates the lease Agreement and will result in charges for the repairs and replacement of the septic system, as well as fines occurred by local municipalities which will be charged to the credit card on file.

35.          Security Patrol Guard- Where and when available, a private security will be provided who’s primary duty is the prevention and deterrence of crime. Security personnel enforce company rules and will act to protect lives and the property. In addition to basic deterrence, security officers are often trained to perform specialized tasks such as arrest and control (including handcuffs and restraints), operate emergency equipment, perform first aid, CPR, take accurate notes, write detailed reports, and perform other tasks as required by the client they are serving, but they are not guaranteed to have qualifications in all or any of these services. Guest agrees to follow instruction of the guard as they are an extension of Grand Leisure Travel, LLC. If a situation arises, the guard will notify Grand Leisure Travel, LLC of the situation, and we will communicate orders accordingly. These orders will be ranging from pacifying the noise, correcting any property infractions as well as preventing any safety concerns and if necessary will result in immediate action. Where and when guest creates a nuisance of the situation, guest agrees to compensate Grand Leisure Travel, LLC according to their requirements and reasonable fee structure. Guest further agrees that any infraction(s) is not, and in no way is or were permitted by Grand Leisure Travel, LLC.

36.          Fire Pit – Guest agrees to maintain a fire no larger than 3 feet high, in a manageable state with a means of putting it out immediately. When there is a fire ban, guest agrees to not start any fire pits. Guest further agrees that they take all responsibility for the creation disposal of the fire pit as well as any consequences arising from its use. Where and when the guest starts and operates an irresponsible fire pit, guest agrees to compensate Grand Leisure Travel, LLC according to their requirements and reasonable fee structure.

37.          Fireworks – Guest agrees not to use ANY fireworks during their stay. Penalty for this infraction will result in complete forfeit of their security deposit as well as possible additional fines and legal action.

38.          Hot Tub Use Policy – Guest agrees that Hot Tubs are difficult to maintain and that sometimes after heavy usage can develop bacteria. Guest further agrees that Grand Leisure Travel, LLC has made their best effort in preparing the Hot Tub for your arrival and will do their best to help us keep it clean and disease free during your stay. Guest agrees that where available, a Hot Tub requires some extra chlorine shock after each use and if Grand Leisure Travel, LLC has made such chemicals available, they should dump a cup of chlorine in the tub overnight, so that it will be habitable the next day. Guest agrees to be responsible for any infraction to this policy and will not hold Grand Leisure Travel, LLC liable for any deviation of this policy.

39.          Minor Issue – Guest agrees that houses are not created and considered equal. Certain items in every house will be different including but not limited to: design, function, utility, access and many other items. Guest agrees that we’ve made every effort to keep the structural and functional features of the house in order and available as advertised. Guest further agrees that minor items may or may not be considered neutral in taste but are varied are also acceptable to you when you accept this agreement. Guest agrees not to hold Grand Leisure Travel, LLC liable for any individual items that do not have a significant impact on your stay via the expectation of them being available if not directly requested via written communication from Grand Leisure Travel, LLC and confirmed that they will be made available during your stay.

40.          Broker/Agent Service Fee – Guest agrees, acknowledges that Grand Leisure Travel is not the owner of this property and that all issues, disputes or concerns if not resolved through Grand Leisure Travel, will be sent to the owner/manager for resolution. Guest fully acknowledges that Grand Leisure Travel makes no representation or assumption as to the condition, existence, or any other concern related to this property and that we are only the Booking/Advertising Agent and not the owner of this house. Guest agrees to compensate Grand Leisure Travel for this service via Broker Fee. Guest agrees to not hold Grand Leisure Travel, it’s agents, managers or anyone else associated with Grand Leisure Travel liable for any and all issues relating to the stay, beginning on the agreed upon check in date and ending on the agreed upon check out date. Guest agrees to contact the owner/manager directly for any and all concerns related to the property.

41.          Hours of Operation - Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Our main toll free line is 1-718-303-0448.


42.          Indemnification and Hold Harmless – Guest agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Grand Leisure Travel for any and all claims or liabilities arising from, or related to, Guest’s use and occupancy of the rental Property. This includes, but is not limited to, any claim for injuries or damages incurred or caused by Guest during the Guest’s use and occupancy of the rental Property and grounds surrounding the Property, and extends to damage and personal injury caused by the Guest to third parties not a Guest at the Property. In addition, this includes, but is not limited to, any violations by Guest of the Rules and Regulations of the Associations attached to this Agreement, criminal activity, or any negligent actions by the Guest and the Guests visitors at the Property and on the grounds of the Property.

43.          Violation of Agreement – If Guest violates any of the conditions of this Agreement, Grand Leisure Travel may terminate this Agreement and enter premises and remove the Guests. Upon notice of termination of this Agreement, Guest shall vacate the Premises immediately and forfeit all or part of rent and security deposits.

44.          Cancellation – Grand Leisure Travel reserves the right to cancel any reservation, at any time, for any reason or no reason at all.

45.          Payments - Consideration for this Agreement is deemed received by Grand Leisure Travel via an accepted form of payment detailed below.

46.          Accepted Forms of Payment - Grand Leisure Travel accepts all major Credit and Debit Cards, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, E-check and American Express.

47.          Secret Shopper – Guest agrees that they are not a secret shopper. Guest further agrees that they are not any form of any legal or authoritative body lured to gather trade secrets from Grand Leisure Travel without first disclosing themselves and presenting a legal warrant and request for information. Guest agrees that if Grand Leisure Travel is notified of any sort of undercover espionage on behalf of legitimate or illegitimate nature that that “mystery shopper” will forfeit all rights with regard to defence and will be liable for damages including but not limited to any direct, indirect, special, consequential, punitive or incidental damages, or damages for loss of use, name, brand, profits, data or other intangibles, or the cost of procurement of substitute goods or services, arising out of or related to the use, inability to use, unauthorized use, performance or non-performance of the service, or Grand Leisure Travel, even if Grand Leisure Travel has been advised previously of the possibility of such damages and whether such damages arise in contract, negligence (whether sole, joint or concurrent) gross negligence strict liability, tort, under statute, in equity, at law or otherwise. Guest agrees that all Secret Shoppers and their general collaborators will be liable for the same damages to the maximum penalty of law.

48.          Dispute – If there is a dispute between the Guest and Grand Leisure Travel about this Agreement or any of its terms or any of the charges or damages, the parties agree to submit themselves to arbitration of Grand Leisure Travel’s choosing. Grand Leisure Travel will send the Guest a letter giving the Guest thirty (30) days to respond to agree to arbitration. If the Guest does not respond with agreement to arbitrate, Grand Leisure Travel may proceed with bringing a legal action in any court of jurisdiction of Grand Leisure Travel or the Guests’ residence, including but not limited to Pennsylvania or New York, where Grand Leisure Travel operates. The Guest agrees to be liable for any and all legal fees incurred by Grand Leisure Travel, including, but not limited to, collecting any fees for damages or violations.

49.          Collection Surcharge – Guest agrees that the property they received, in the condition they received it was satisfactory to their requirements and reasonable expectations. If for some reason the guest proceeds with a chargeback, our collections agent will collect an additional 30% to pay for collections efforts.

50.          Interest for Uncollected balance Before Check-In – Guest agrees to compensate Grand Leisure Travel for the having to wait to collect their unpaid balance before check-in when not paid according to Grand Leisure Travel collection policies. Guest agrees to pay Grand Leisure Travel the sum of 6% compounded daily for any uncollected balance outside of Grand Leisure Travel payment terms.

51.          Agree to terms – I accept all terms of the lease Agreement. By signing this Agreement, I have read and fully agree to all of the above Terms.

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